One of the local public art featured in our Concept Fair is the Monroe County Courthouse which is located in the Courthouse Square in Bloomington, Indiana.  Bloomington has always been the most populated town in Monroe because of its ideal landscape.  Businesses use surface mount resistor code and residents flock in the area. The courthouse has been the seat of power for the county and houses government offices up to this day.    This courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its significance in art and architecture. It was built in 1908.  The building was designed by Wing and Mahurin of Fort Wayne.  The general contractors were George Caldwell and Lester Drake.  The architects and contractors of the building were also known for designing and constructing other famous and historical structure during their time.  Its architectural style follows that of beaux-arts architecture which was also the popular design in this period. This style was commonly used for different public and institutional buildings during that era. The courthouse is made of limestone which used to be an abundant natural resource in the soils of Bloomington.  The limestone industry was one of the booming businesses in Indiana during the time that the courthouse was built.  The material of which the courthouse is built is local to Bloomington and that is an ingenious move by the designers. It immediately gives the building its own identity which the people of Monroe can relate to.

The Monroe County Courthouse exudes a grand and liberal disposition. There are intricate details all over the structure. The unique features of the courthouse include the fish weathervane settled on top of its dome, classic mural paintings on the dome, Roman scrolled columns inside the building, and the wooden doors that have intricate carvings on them. All of these elaborate details are indicative of the style of architecture used. Some of these features were taken from the old courthouse building. This was also a good move to show how the past and present work together. Looking all around the courthouse, you will see artworks that talk to us about religion, justice, education, and agriculture. These classic mural paintings are fitting inside the courthouse for the values that they convey. The Civil War Memorial is also shown significantly with a statue of the Civil War soldier at the top.  This is another prominent feature of the Monroe County Courthouse. It is a tribute to all those who defended the nation’s freedom.  It reminds the people of the bravery and courage of our heroes and how we should value that freedom that they bought with their lives.

The Monroe County Courthouse is truly a work of art and a worthy historical site for its architecture.  It reflected the essence of its era which was modernization and progress.  It is a building constructed to be able to serve more constituents of Monroe.  It is sturdy and has withstood the test of time.  It is rightfully a piece of history that is a source of pride to the people of Monroe.

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