Hi everyone. I was wondering if someone here had already experienced attending the Concept Fair? I managed to secure a ticket for me and my daughter who loves art. I just want to know what to expect. Is it a black tie event?



I attended the Concept Fair back in Miami. The tickets for the fair was sold out that time. We were just lucky that there was this couple who had another engagement during the day of the fair so they sold the ticket to us which enabled us to attend. I got the ticket for almost double the price but it was worth it. I loved all the art displays they got there. I and my partner came during the second day and we were so amazed by the whole set up. I especially loved that metal sculpture of a naked woman that time. It looks very beautiful and so alive. We wanted to buy it but someone outbid us. But the whole bidding process was fun. The event does not require black tie but you should wear a smart casual attire or something semi-formal.



Thank you @Mitchelle for the heads up. I’ve heard it is really hard to secure tickets. My daughter specifically followed this site just so she would be informed of the exact date when the tickets would be available. I suggest that you sign up for their newsletter so you won’t missed the ticket sales.



Just checked out their site today and they are sold out already. Anyway, I followed your advice and just signed up for their newsletter. My friend already went there last year and he has only good words for the fair. He even had the opportunity to meet some artists there. That’s why I also want to attend. I want to know of the artworks are really as great as they describe them to be.