Thank you for showing interest in Concept Fair. We hope you enjoy your visit here. Check out the most Frequently Asked Questions by our guests. May this help you understand more everything about this mobile art fair.


Does Concept Fair move all the time?

Concept Fair is a mobile art fair that is always on the move. We do not stop at the same state twice in a year. We are always on the go as we aim to expose more of the artistic skills of chosen artists who participate in this event.


Do we have a way to contact the artists whose works got featured in the fair?

You can contact our customer service representatives for them to give you a way to contact the artists who participated in the fair. Please note that there are artists who do not want to be reached so please bear with us if they reject your offer to connect.


Are all artwork featured in the fair for sale?

No. Some are simply for display only. The artists who join the fair sometimes do not allow their artworks to be sold. In this cases, you can simply admire their artwork. Anyway, you can commission them to make an artwork for you if you want their style.


Can we buy artwork online?

Yes, you can. We allow this just in case there are artworks that are not sold which is highly unlikely. We have not encountered yet a time when there is a leftover artwork from our fair.


Where can we see the line up of the artists who’d join the Concept Fair?

They are announced at the online bulletin. Be sure to check it out on a regular basis so you won’t miss it. We also use the same bulletin to announce the schedule of our fair and where we are headed to next.