About Us

Concept Fair is an art fair that is exclusive only to a few art dealers. Every artist who joins this fair is specially handpicked by the organizers of this event. They are invited to especially showcase their skills and talents. This means that these artists have already proven themselves in the field and they outdo other artists when it comes to the quality of their work.

Ever since we started the Concept Fair over a decade ago, never did we finish our three-day show with an artwork unsold. No matter the size and the asking price, they always go home to with the buyer. What more is that not only once did an artwork caused a bidding war because of its beauty, we usually suffer from this on a regular basis.

The Concept Fair was started by a French art enthusiast Adrienne Fountainbleau. He created the fair concept himself to make a distinct impression to other art enthusiasts. He believes that by making the whole fair an art itself, he is doing more good than bad in introducing to people how very dynamic and colorful the world of art is.

There are many people who ask why a mobile fair when it can be exclusive in one place? They also complain why we limit the number of people available during the fair. For the first question, the answer is very simple. This is because we want to give an opportunity to the whole United States to see different art form come to life in the hand of different artists. We know that there are art enthusiasts out there who cannot always travel, so we seek to bring the art to them. For the second inquiry, we do this to maintain the solemnity of the event. Art pieces are created to be admired and this is not possible if the place is overcrowded.