Garage Door Springs – The Part That Powers Everything


It’s pretty interesting when you learn the history and development of garage and garage doors. Did you know that they are started as a carriage house to store household stuff and other belongings? It actually makes sense, when you think about installing a garage door. Now you want to protect your vehicle from thieves and harsh climate conditions. The first traditional garage door was introduced in the early 1900’s when the first cars were manufactured. Just like the advancement and innovation in the automobile industry, garage doors have also covered a long way. For more information about the development of garage doors, CLICK HERE

The significant innovation in the industry of garage doors is the creation of garage door springs. Right here, I know that you are thinking that the automatic garage door opener is the biggest achievement but a garage door spring system is responsible to open and close the garage door smoothly. These springs help the mechanism to lift the heavyweight of the garage door. They facilitate you to operate the garage door without using the hands. 

Since garage door springs are designed to lift the heavy and bulky garage door. They have a tendency to wear and tear due to frequent use. Unfortunately, it is the most overlooked part device of the garage door. More homeowners take it for granted until it will stop working. You should inspect and maintain the garage door springs occasionally to keep them in good working conditions. So, if you have a five years old garage door, you will have to replace the garage door springs to keep them functioning. Believe me, if your garage door springs break down, you will not able to open and close the garage door even with a well-functioned garage door opener.

Everyone knows that garage door springs maintenance, repair, and replacement is not an easy task. It is a very complicated and dangerous job. You don’t even have the ability to buy right torsion springs from the market. Thus, it is strongly recommended that hire a professional garage door company to repair or replace the garage door springs. Some unprofessional contractors may force you to replace the entire garage door if you don’t know where to buy accurate springs and how to change them. A certified and experienced technician has the right expertise to deal with all the problems of garage door springs.  


One of the local public art featured in our Concept Fair is the Monroe County Courthouse which is located in the Courthouse Square in Bloomington, Indiana.  Bloomington has always been the most populated town in Monroe because of its ideal landscape.  Businesses use surface mount resistor code and residents flock in the area. The courthouse has been the seat of power for the county and houses government offices up to this day.    This courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its significance in art and architecture. It was built in 1908.  The building was designed by Wing and Mahurin of Fort Wayne.  The general contractors were George Caldwell and Lester Drake.  The architects and contractors of the building were also known for designing and constructing other famous and historical structure during their time.  Its architectural style follows that of beaux-arts architecture which was also the popular design in this period. This style was commonly used for different public and institutional buildings during that era. The courthouse is made of limestone which used to be an abundant natural resource in the soils of Bloomington.  The limestone industry was one of the booming businesses in Indiana during the time that the courthouse was built.  The material of which the courthouse is built is local to Bloomington and that is an ingenious move by the designers. It immediately gives the building its own identity which the people of Monroe can relate to.

The Monroe County Courthouse exudes a grand and liberal disposition. There are intricate details all over the structure. The unique features of the courthouse include the fish weathervane settled on top of its dome, classic mural paintings on the dome, Roman scrolled columns inside the building, and the wooden doors that have intricate carvings on them. All of these elaborate details are indicative of the style of architecture used. Some of these features were taken from the old courthouse building. This was also a good move to show how the past and present work together. Looking all around the courthouse, you will see artworks that talk to us about religion, justice, education, and agriculture. These classic mural paintings are fitting inside the courthouse for the values that they convey. The Civil War Memorial is also shown significantly with a statue of the Civil War soldier at the top.  This is another prominent feature of the Monroe County Courthouse. It is a tribute to all those who defended the nation’s freedom.  It reminds the people of the bravery and courage of our heroes and how we should value that freedom that they bought with their lives.

The Monroe County Courthouse is truly a work of art and a worthy historical site for its architecture.  It reflected the essence of its era which was modernization and progress.  It is a building constructed to be able to serve more constituents of Monroe.  It is sturdy and has withstood the test of time.  It is rightfully a piece of history that is a source of pride to the people of Monroe.

Mobile Art Fair Coming Near You

Art enthusiasts come as one. The Concept Fair is now on the move and coming into your town. Get ready to purchase your own ticket for this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Have you heard yet about the Concept Fair? If no, then we assure you that you are missing a lot of things. Concept Fair is the most popular art fair that features modern and contemporary art. This is not like any other art fair as it goes around the United States taking its display of exquisite artworks coming from very talented artists world over. This is joined by not only professionals but also amateurs as well. It is exclusive for only a handful of dealers that is why it is sought-after by art enthusiasts.

Concept Fair is worth getting out of your garage door with the best garage door opener in Tempe. It is even worth flying out for at a short notice. This is because this is the only place where you can see masterpieces that are not usually found in a typical gallery nor art fair. It is almost magical being here that people really strive to get their tickets every time this mobile art fair comes to their place. Tickets being sold are limited. Sometimes they are gone at the same time the ticket sales are opened to the public. That’s how popular Concept Fair is. It is a place frequent by the affluent as they seek for the next artwork that would grace their home. Artists whose masterpieces are featured here are handpicked that you would expect only quality for every displays you would see. Even the whole fair could be considered an art itself because of the way they arrange the whole set every single time. It is the food for not only your eyes but also your soul as it brings about a serene atmosphere as you looked into different artworks they feature time after time.

Unlike every other art fairs, Concept Fair gives off a more formal vibe. But that doesn’t mean that it is boring at its best, because you are totally going to be engrossed in each piece of artwork as you perused through the whole event. Some even call this mind-boggling because what they see retain to their minds even after they already have gone home to bed. It is wonderful to see how the artists who participate go out of their way to make this event extra special. This fair is usually held outdoors and is held as a 3-day show. But although that is the case, every day features a different artistic theme. As such, you won’t get sick of seeing the same thing.

If you have previously attended a Concept Fair and is going to attend again the next, it would occur to you that there is no artwork that is repeatedly displayed. All of the artwork we feature here are instantly sold during every fair.

Check out the schedule for the next Concept Fair on our online bulletin. We update our schedule regularly depending on the availability.